On My Peaceful Shore

“I’d rather be in the boat with Jesus than on the shore without Him.”  Dr. David Jeremiah
It seems like a simple, straightforward statement that every believer should be confident to make.
Yet, when I consider what “in the boat” could mean…would I?

Would I rather be in the boat on the turbulent waters of change with Jesus?

What about the turbulent waters of cancer?

What about the turbulent waters of losing my child?

What about the turbulent waters of being beaten and tortured for my beliefs?

When I put a label on it…the answer doesn’t come so easy. 
Some of those “would I rather” questions are deeply personal and would result in deep scars…
But…Jesus knows deep scars. (By His wounds, we are healed. Isaiah 53:5) 
And, He isn’t just in the boat.
Jesus commands the winds and the waves. 
If He so chooses, those waves could knock me down on my peaceful shore just as easily.  
It’s easy to forget who’s controls it all when our focus is on the circumstance instead of Jesus.
How about you?
Is God calling you to something different? Something out of your safe zone? Something that takes true faith and makes a bold statement of who God is in your life? 

What will your answer be?


Susan E. Greenwood is a wife, a mother, and a mother-in-law :D. She has over 30 years of experience in youth and children’s ministries. Susan loves to write blogs, articles, devotionals, and curriculum. She has blogged for bible.org and authors Mary Demuth, Lynn Cowell, and Ruth Schwenk. In addition, Susan writes regularly for skitguys.com. Her passion is to help people live their Life In Stride with the Word of God.

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