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Tri-State Bible College

Mission: to “Train Faithful Servants for Tomorrow - Today,” by offering a biblically oriented program that provides for a thorough knowledge of the Bible and for the ability to use effectively the Word of God in Christian living and Christian service.

Tri-State Bible College is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and are authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education to offer a Master of Arts in Bible/Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Bible/Theology (126 credits), Associate of Arts (66 credits), and a Certificate of Biblical Studies (33 credits.)

The Curriculum of Tri-State Bible College is designed to promote a biblical worldview and to help students become theologically skillful. Prominent in the curriculum is six semesters of theology, five semesters to survey the New Testament, and both Greek and Hebrew language studies. We offer several minors including Christian Education, Counseling, General Studies, Ministry, and Missions.