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November is National Adoption Month!! I have many friends with beautiful adoption stories. One in particular where you could see the Hand of God moving mountains to make it happen. It was awesome to witness. I also have friends whose adoptions stories are not so pretty and have even ended in loss and heartbreak. And then, for our family, we never even made it to the adoption phase.   The uncertainty of outcome can make it terrifying to even step into the arena of fostering and adoption, but the reality is that there is such a great need.  The number of children entering foster care each year is astounding. “On any given day, there are nearly 438,000 children in foster care in the United States.” (childrensrights). As of May 2020, there are 7,265 children in foster care in WV, over 10,000 in KY, and nearly 16,000 in OH. And, as much as each child needs a loving,...

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