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Susan Greenwood lives in the country hills of Ona, WV. She and her husband, Chris, have three sons and one daughter-in-law: Austin and Katie, Donevan, and Kyle. Her favorite family-time activity is “Family Movie Night” where they sit under the stars in lawn chairs, eating popcorn and s’mores (with a Reese’s cup instead of a chocolate bar), and watch a movie together. Susan also enjoys exploring new places, writing blogs and Bible studies, going to conferences, grabbing coffee with friends, and leading the High School Girls Bible study at her church. She and her family attend River Cities Community Church in Huntington, WV.

Susan joins the Walk Fm team as Community Services Coordinator. She provides content for our Life In Stride blog, which runs every Wednesday on our website.

Life in Stride with Susan

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It’s back to school time, and if you are like most families right now, you are not at peace. Every decision has a downside, and nothing feels exactly right. So, how can you put your child at ease when you are uneasy yourself? Here are
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Fourteen years ago, I set out to walk the Susan G. Komen 60-mile walk for breast cancer. I was one of five women on a team and the only one in a different city. The others walked together often and built up their endurance. I…thought
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There is a lot of talk about planning and doing these days, which is necessary, I get it. But it got me thinking about what we’re not talking about and planning for…rest, time to ourselves, “self-care.” During this shutdown/quarantine/staycation season, you may have had some
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Today is National Step Family Day!! So if you are a blended family, bonus parent, step-something, this post is especially for you. If you are not in any of these categories, please stay with us as there are universal truths here for you too. Cultivating
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