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Today is National Step Family Day!! So if you are a blended family, bonus parent, step-something, this post is especially for you. If you are not in any of these categories, please stay with us as there are universal truths here for you too. Cultivating new relationships is difficult in any scenario, but trying to merge two families takes an extra measure of care. Here to give us some "tried and true" advice are Your Morning Walk's own Magan and Derek. Both Magan and Derek parent in blended families and have graciously allowed me to ask them some questions about their experiences.   1) What is your best advice for families who are ABOUT to unite? Derek: Give grace. It's a learning process for everyone. There will be mistakes and lessons, so grace is much needed. Magan: Remember, this is a HUGE change for everyone. Even if it's a positive change, it can really throw us...

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