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"The closer to God you draw, the greater will be your disdain for sin." Dr. Richard Blackaby It's easy to play the excuses game and feel justified in sin, especially for a minor sin. "I'm not harming anyone, right?" How about the comparison game? "My sin isn't as bad as ____________. At least I've never __________. " What I'm actually doing is viewing sin from my perspective or that of the world, and, over time, I lose my disdain for casual sin and risk slipping deeper -- sin is never satisfied with small.   The danger: the farther away from God we slip, the easier it is to view Him as the problem, and we start to feel guilty for upholding His standard.   And, yeah, God's standard is high, but He bridged that gap to make sure ALL are without excuse. (Romans 3:23 and 6:23) Jesus paid for ALL sin -- big and small -- and the...

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