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You know that moment when you are sure you've reached your peak? When one more thing has the potential to crash your world down around you and wreck you?  We usually call that our breaking point, but what if we chose to bend instead? What if we flexed with what's happening to reach toward hope, survival, and joy in every circumstance? This is Bend. International Journalist and Author Beth Lueders takes us to the bending points of nine different moments. Moments that I personally do not know how they found the resolve to bend instead of break, but they did. We all have that capacity. We all have a bending point.  Beth defines a bending point like this: "In your life, a bending point is that experience where steadiness meets disruption." "steadiness meets disruption."  Goodness. Those are some resounding words. I have little doubt that we can all relate to this kind of moment, whether...

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