She Believed She Could…But She Was Tired

She Believed She Could…But She Was Tired

There is a lot of talk about planning and doing these days, which is necessary, I get it. But it got me thinking about what we’re not talking about and planning for…rest, time to ourselves, “self-care.”

During this shutdown/quarantine/staycation season, you may have had some extra time to consider resting, but did you? If you’re like me and mine, you tore through your to-do list instead. Sometimes decluttering brings a form of rest to mind and soul, but it doesn’t count.

Here’s my theory. (Bear with me. I’m going to rant a little, but I promise I’ll move on quickly.)

The Rant:
There is a nationally recognized day for moms to take it easy. It’s called “Lazy Mom Day.” Really? Lazy.Mom.Day. Lazy is the Kryptonite word for every mom (a.k.a super mom) out there. It’s our secret fear that we will be seen as lazy if we sit down for a second. In their defense, the post says that the day is “meant to encourage hard-working moms to take time for themselves.” It’s a great concept! Applause for whoever thought of it. But, if you want a mom to seriously feel valued and OK to take advantage of their special day, don’t use the word “Lazy.” Rant over.

Thoughts like this, well-intentioned or not, keep us from planning a day or even an hour to do something for ourselves, which might be to do nothing, and nothing is good.

Maybe it would help if you hear the words, so here they are:


And, no, going to the store by yourself isn’t considered self-care even if you did splurge and buy a coffee to drink while you shop…but you should still totally buy that coffee. 

I know even me saying this won’t result in you planning to power-down– I see you, super mom. Just promise me you will look into your “why.” What keeps you from allowing yourself time to rest and practice self-care?

Clearly, my hangups involve the word “lazy.” I’m going to work on that. What are yours?

I’d love to hear from you!

1) Let me know what hangups you have to overcome and how I can be praying for you.
2) What’s your best self-care practice?


“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28


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