I Just Have to Find My Shoes

I Just Have to Find My Shoes

Waiting is not my forte.

And, although I can appreciate the good waiting does toward developing godly character, I fail miserably at waiting. 

I feel like a child in “big church,” squirming in the pew, waiting for the service to end. I look for stuff to fill the time, occupy my mind, and hopefully make time pass faster.

It reminds me of what used to happen in my house when we were getting ready to leave. We’d tell our boys to get ready to go, and we were leaving at a specific time.

When we’d call out for everyone to head to the car, suddenly, boys were scrambling to get their shoes or finding pertinent items for where we were headed. 

“Why aren’t you ready?” we’d ask, in a stern yet loving tone…sort of…well, the stern part is accurate. 

“I am!” they’d reply practically in unison. We’d hear excuses like, “I was just playing a game until everyone was ready” or “My backpack isn’t where I left it, someone must have moved it.” Then we’d hear, “It’ll only take a minute, I just need to find my shoes.” Ten minutes later (or so), we were finally all in the car. 

In their defense, they were mostly ready, so that counts, right? 

I hope it does because I do the same thing.

I can practically hear God asking, “Sound familiar?”

I get to a certain point, a comfortable point, and then stop. I let distractions keep me from being fully prepared for what’s ahead. I waste my prep time.

It took a couple of years of not really “hearing” from Him for me to understand that God wanted my attention…my FULL attention. He wanted this Martha to sit at His feet like Mary. 

And, I mean, it sounds great! Sitting with Jesus, who wouldn’t want that? Well, if it involves being still, then it’s not as compelling for some of us.

Sitting with Jesus involves stilling hearts and minds, being content to be with Him, and maybe being humble and vulnerable. And, let’s face it, that’s not always a comfortable place to be because that’s when we might have to deal with some challenging parts of our lives. But it’s so needed. And we know we can trust Him with our most fragile pieces.

Distractions, even godly ones, waste our prep time and keep us from focusing on what God wants to teach us in our waiting.


So, what does godly waiting look like? 

Focusing on Jesus.

Sitting at His feet.

Resting in Him.

Taking full advantage of the prep-time He is giving us so that when He says, “Go! Blaze new trails! Create! Prosper! We’re not stuck, saying,

“I’m ready; I just have to find my shoes!” 


Wait for the Lord;

be strong, and let your heart take courage;

wait for the Lord!

Psalm 27:14




Susan E. Greenwood is a wife, a mother, and a mother-in-law :D. She has over 28 years of experience in youth and children’s ministries. Susan loves to write blogs, articles, devotionals, and curriculum. She has blogged for bible.org, and authors Mary Demuth, Lynn Cowell, and Ruth Schwenk. Susan writes regularly for skitguys.com. Her passion is to help people live their Life In Stride with the Word of God.

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