I’m always intrigued when I see that friends I know from different times in my life know each other. As we laugh and share how and where paths crossed, we inevitably say, “Small world.” 

And it is. 

Somehow, even now, with billions of people, it’s small. 

But, I love making these connections. 

I love connecting events and people. I love connecting problems and solutions. I love connecting words to make stories and scripts. 

My favorite connections, by far, are the ones that make the Bible more rich and clear. 

Like a few years ago when I realized that people in the old testament knew each other. 🤷‍♀️

So, yeah, maybe you realized this already.

Still, for some reason, I never thought about them interacting outside of their story. Maybe it’s because they never did in Sunday school…I don’t know.

But this revelation was eye-opening for me.

I was reading the genealogy in Genesis 5 and decided to database ages and births. I was amazed to see that Adam was still alive until a few years before Noah was born. That means Adam interacted with eight generations before he passed. 

That’s eight generations that heard first-person accounts of what it was like to be in the presence of God, to know His voice, to walk with Him in the cool of the day, and to experience what it’s like to be perfect in an undefiled world.

And, that’s eight generations that know whether or not Adam had a belly button!! (Have you ever wondered this?)

Can you imagine? 

It’s connections like this that help me realize that God is always closer than I may realize.

God is still at work in the here and now and in the long and lonely even if I don’t feel Him or see Him in my circumstances in that moment.

It just might take some time effort on my part to see His handiwork and to make those connections. 

What about you? 



What connections have you made that bring God closer?

Do you think Adam has a belly button?

What revelation have you made in your adulthood that you feel like you maybe should have known?

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