This is a busy season, I totally get it.  Juggling schedules, taking care of your family, work demands all consume your hectic days. 

That’s why I’m going to get right to the point.  Walk FM is here for you.  We count it a privilege to pray for you, to share messages that speak life, and to pursue a mission that has you in mind.  This ministry exists to inspire people to live passionately for Jesus Christ.

A few weeks ago, we came to our listeners and asked for their support.  I’m excited to share that we ended Friday, October 18 with 94% of our goal met!  With friends like you, I know we can raise the remaining $8,900.  Your gift of $50, $100, or $250 will help us to finish strong.

You already know how unique Walk FM is.  We aren’t funded by the government, a large institution or grants.  Our donor base is comprised of amazing friends, just like you.  Your support allows Walk FM to continue providing hope and encouragement for thousands who need to be reminded that they too belong here.

You might have intended to give and were simply too busy, or it slipped your mind.  We did miss hearing from you.  Your last gift allowed Walk FM to keep impacting lives in our community, like our friends who shared their story of infertility and how God used the message of Danny Gokey’s song Haven’t Seen It Yet to speak hope into their lives. 

Please prayerfully consider making a gift so that your Walk FM can continue to reach neighbors, on their best and worst days.  I pray that you can recall moments where this ministry has blessed you.

This year alone through the generosity of friends like you, we have collected school supplies for children’s backpacks, generated resources for disaster relief in partnership with our friends at God’s Pit Crew. You provided healing medicine to sick children and gathered to stand for those battling addiction in a Walk/Run for Recovery.

Your support is what makes it possible for Walk FM to remain on-air, encouraging others in their faith and inspiring generosity.  

I truly do understand the demands that are placed on your time and energy, so thank you for taking time to read this letter.  There are many worthy organizations asking for your support.  When you partner with Walk FM you are giving to Kingdom work.  You may never know the full impact of your gift but God is using you to change lives in ways that have eternal reach.

We look forward to hearing from you.  Your gift of $50, $100, or $250 will help your Walk FM to enter fourth quarter of this year strong and ready for ministry, as we enter one of the hardest seasons of the year for some who listen.  

In Him,

Derek Withrow

PS: Please help us raise the remaining 6% of our fundraising goal.  Your gift ensures that Walk FM can be an encouragement and lifeline to friends in need.   Thank you! 

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